Meet our Practitioner

Karlisha Britton is a Lymphologist, LMT-CLT, N.D., who specializes in the disorders of the lymphatic system. She received her training and certification from the Academics of Lymphatic Studies with additional education in nursing and currently receiving doctrine in Naturopathic Medicine. She is also a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). She works closely with Oncologist, Cardiologist, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine Physicians to design treatment plans that gives patients reassurance in their condition when it comes to any medical massages. Also, if you are looking for pure relaxation- she's it!!!

We treat clients whose lymphatic system is compromised due to varicose veins, DVT, skin disorders, trauma, surgery, CVI, pregnancy, kidney disease, congenital abnormalities (adult/children), obesity, cellulitis, breast and other cancers. Swelling of the legs, arms and other areas of the body can occur for many reasons but ultimately it is because of a problem with the lymphatic system. We use natural methods of  Complete Decongestive Therapy with no drugs involved.